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Business Formation

Articles of Incorporation

 You will receive filed corporate paperwork and we will provide you:

  • Initial Resolutions

  • Operating Agreement or Corporate Bylaws

  • Membership Certificates or Share Certificates

Our goal is to provide you everything you need to print it out, take it to your bank, and open up a business bank account in your business’ name.

Registered Agent

1 full year of Registered Agent Service is included.

That’s a $125 value free for the first year!

Initial Compliance Filing

Each state has reporting requirements for LLCs and corporations to keep a company active and in good standing with the state. These are due on a regular basis (usually once per year or every other year).  We’ll file them on your company’s behalf.

Compliance Service Benefits:

  • You can relax knowing a professional filed these required compliance reports for you.

  • This will help protect your privacy. Whatever report we file with the state will list our contact information instead of yours. We will include only the information the state requires. Plus, the state will see and record our IP address instead of yours—minimizing the connection between your cell phone, home computers,  and office computers—further enhancing your privacy.

Note: Depending on the state where you form or register your business, the report may be called an Annual Report, Annual Statement, Statement of Information, Periodic Report, Biennial Statement, Decennial Report, Franchise Tax Report, etc.

BOI Report Compliance

This mandatory federal filing requires the majority of LLCs and corporations to provide information and photo IDs for beneficial owners (the people controlling and benefiting from the company). Companies can have as few as 30 days to file.

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