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Opportunities: Careers

Customer Service/Sales by Phone​

Deadline Feb 24, 2021

On a day-to-day basis, Service Partners can expect to participate in the following activities:

  • Assist members in placing their wait-list requests for a resort that is currently unavailable.

  • Offer members alternative vacation options if their first choice is unavailable.

  • Sell membership packages by advising members of the features and benefits of the Core, Gold, and Platinum levels as well as all Interval products.

  • Solve member concerns for first call resolution, ultimately avoiding escalation.

Customer Service by Phone

Deadline Jan 27, 2021

On a day-to-day basis, Service Partner can expect to participate in the following activities:

• 24/7 service of inbound calls for roadside assistance and other service requests from client’s customers and/or client account representatives for assistance with items such as: – a vehicle that won’t start – flat tire(s) – keys locked inside a car – vehicle out of gas – vehicle in an accident

• Place outbound calls to list of client’s service providers to secure appropriate towing assistance to resolve the customer’s needs

• Possible outbound calls to client, client’s customers and/or client account representatives for status and clarification purposes.

• Transfer inbound calls or outbound calls to other client-designated internal support departments or client account representatives

• Outbound coordination to client’s service providers & possible follow up calls for clarification and/or additional calls for secondary services

• Probe to identify the need of the customer based on vehicle inoperable situation

• Identify the customer’s location using Google Maps and other client tools

• Provide policy coverage details based on the specific client program

• Secure a Service Provider to assist the customer, based on the parameters of the policy’s program

• Provide status updates to customers calling after the initial request for assistance was processed

Customer Service/Sales by Phone

Deadline: Feb 01, 2021

On a day-to-day basis, Service Partners can expect to participate in the following activities:

• Assist callers with billing inquiries

• Build trust and rapport with the Comcast customer through clear, respectful interaction

• Determine business offerings that the customer does not currently have and have a value based conversation bridging into a sales offer to upgrade and add on to their service

• Code the sale accurately and completely for the installer

• Always strive to ensure First Call Resolution (FCR) and Customer Rep Satisfaction (Rep-SAT).

• Knowledge of company processes and policies

• Understand and implement client S4X quality guidelines

Customer Service by Phone

Deadline:  Jan 29, 2021

At this time, this opportunity is scheduled to last approximately 5 months, with the possibility of extending to 9 months or beyond – depending on client need. Please rest assured that we are working hard to make this a regular program and will provide updates as they become available.

On a daily basis for the Client Program Service Partners:

• Provide customer service via phone regarding prepaid card solutions; Handle customer inquiries and resolve basic support issues such as balance and transaction inquiries, card activations and delivery inquiries

• Receive inbound customer service/financial customer service calls • Update customer information and ensure accurate entry of contact information

• Troubleshoot customer problems, identify and solve root cause of problems

• Track and document inbound support needs

• Provide consistent, high quality professional interactions while meeting program quality guidelines

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